Size 0

The Size Zero Capsules are a natural substitute for traditional diet pills containing caffeine and amphetamines. The capsules contain all natural hoodia and other natural substitutes that support a healthier way to lose weight.


BP Figure Capsules

*Natural appetite suppressant and diuretic Tonic BP figure capsules have many benefits beyond weight loss and are made from all natural ingredients, in laboratories in Mexico.


Some of the benefits are:
*Eliminates toxins built-up in your body
*Aids with digestion and limits your bodies absorption of fats
*Aids in weight loss
*Aids in maintaining firm skin
*Contains a mild laxative
*Purifies blood
*Contains antioxidants
*Aids in the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides
*Reinforces the immune system
*Aids in proper thyroid function
*Eliminates intestinal parasites
*Helps eliminate halitosis
*Aids with stomach inflammation

BP Figure Gel



It detoxifies your body.  Increases your energy and physical health.  Colitis, Gastritis, ulcers and it reduces inflammation to the digestive system.  It avoids osteoporosis.  It oxygenates the cells, blood and brain.  It purifies and reduces inflammation to the liver.

Desintoxica tu cuerpo. Aumenta tu energia y rendimiento fisico. Colitis, Gastritis, ulcera gastrica y desinflama el aparato digestivo. Evita osteoporosis. Oxigena las celulas, sangre y cerebro. Depura y desinflama el higado.


 It helps in problems of the menopause as:  Sultry, sicknesses, changes of character, pains of bones, osteoporosis, nerves, Bad circulacion and depression.

Ayuda en problemas de la menopausia como: Bochornos, mareos, cambios de caracter, dolores de huesos, osteoporosis, nervios, Mala circulacion y depresion.


 It helps Against: Asthma, detoxifies your body, increases your energy, colitis, gastritis, ulcers, reduces inflammation to the digestive system, oxygenates the cells, blood and brain, purifies and reduces inflammation to the liver. 

Ayuda Contra: El asma, desintoxica tu cuerpo, aumenta tu energia, colitis, gastritis, ulcera gastrica, desinflama el aparato digestivo, oxigena las celulas, sangre y cerebro, depura y desinflama el higado.

Baba de Caracol

 It nourishes and regenerates the skin.  It eliminates scars, wrinkles, acne and you striate.  It reaffirms the breasts and gives elasticity to all your skin. Removes stain's on the skin and imperfections.

Nutre y regenera la piel. Elimina cicatrices, arrugas, acne, verrugas y estrias. Reafirma los senos y da elasticidad a toda tu piel. Manchas de la piel e imperfecciones.